Cloudera's Machine Learning & Data Science Essentials Roadshow 2018

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Expectations are changing for and within enterprises. In order to innovate and differentiate, they expect and require ever shorter times to insight into their business. They also require insights that are predictive and prescriptive in nature rather than descriptive. Customers’ expectations are changing too. They expect businesses to know them, to know them as individuals, and to provide tailored experiences. Exploding data volumes and the surge of real-time, unstructured sources mean traditional Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics efforts are unable to cope and deliver.

However, plenty of data combined with low cost compute power provide the ideal circumstances for machine learning and artificial intelligence to flourish and meet the changing expectations. More data leads to better models; better models that in turn lead to better business decisions. Data science as a discipline will deliver on this promise yet why do so many organisations struggle to capitalise on the opportunity?

Covering data science from both the business as well as technical perspective, this event will provide you with the complete insight you need to either start or enhance your data science projects.

3 October 2018
12.00 - 17.00

Johan Cruijff Arena