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Release: the leading Dutch website on corporate software engineering
The area of software engineering ranges from determining the needs of end users of information systems, through designing, modelling and development, all the way to testing and implementing a system and training the end user in using the system. The software engineer has a number of tools at his disposal for designing an information system or program, such as modelling tools, development workbenches and a variety of programming tools.

Release keeps its readers up-to-date on the latest developments in the wide scope of software engineering. New tools, skills and methodologies, in particular Agile, Scrum, UML and the like play a major role in Release. All of this without entirely discarding 'good old 4GL' and related products. Special attention is given to essentials such as project planning, team development using techniques such as Scrum, and maintaining those lines of legacy code. We always keep an eye on new developments in architecture and organizational aspects such as DevOps, Microservices and Cloud development on platforms like Azure. Furthermore Release offers a wealth of content including software reviews, blogs by thought leaders, interviews, videos and an up to date calendar of events.

Release also provides a job section for professionals in the software engineering community.

Release readers are IT-management, IT-specialists, software engineers, information modellers, application developers, project managers, testers and software consultants. Those responsible for software engineering and those with decision-making authority concerning development environments and the investments that goes with it. In fact, anyone and any team working on the first or next ‘release’.

Editorial board
Release’s editorial staff has an advisory board that consists of internationally acclaimed independent analysts and independent experts and thought leaders in the field such as Ron Tolido, Sander Hoogendoorn and Guy Crets. The board is complemented from the academic field with Felienne Hermans as assistant professor Software Engineering at TU Delft and with Tijs van der Stom, researcher at the research institute for mathematics and computer science in The Netherlands (CWI) and professor Software Engineering at Groningen University.

Please send your press releases, blog proposals and such to editor@release.nl

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Please direct your inquiries on advertising or our content partnership program to sales@release.nl or call us at +31 (0)172 742680. We will gladly send you our media kit.


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