5 Steps to Building Responsible AI Systems

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Responsible AI is essential for any company that wants to have robust AI systems in place in the future.

This webinar will cover the essential steps to building AI systems that are responsible. But what does responsible AI mean? For a start, it’s about:

- Making sure that systems are centralized for control over data yet flexible enough to allow for innovation.
- Ensuring that robust monitoring is in place for all models.
- Establishing trust in people and in data.
- A company-wide dedication to models that are interpretable, unbiased, and ultimately won’t cause PR and trust issues for the company down the line.
... and more.

Kurt Muehmel, VP of Sales Engineering at Dataiku, and guest Mike Gualtieri, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, will discuss the ins and outs of all of these topics (and more) for the first portion followed by a Q & A at the conclusion of the presentation.

April 18
11 am EDT