Kafka Power Chat: Simplifying Kafka Replication

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With Apache Kafka being a central part of streaming architectures today, enterprises require that the data availability and durability guarantees span across cluster and site failures. The internal replication capabilities of Kafka has lots of limitations and makes business continuity questionable. Kafka replication is critical for many enterprise use cases like disaster recovery, access isolation, geo-proximity, cloud migration or just for legal and compliance reasons. Cloudera is excited to announce a brand new innovation that our engineering teams have built for Kafka replication – Cloudera Streams Replication Manager (SRM). Based on Kafka Mirrormaker 2.0, this solution is a gamechanger for the Kafka operations teams.

Attend this webinar to hear our principal engineer, Ryanne Dolan, talk about:
Inherent Kafka replication challenges today
How SRM addresses such challenges and overcomes the shortcomings of Kafka Mirrormaker 1.0
Integration with other key management solutions like Streams Messaging Manager (SMM)

September 17, 2019
Time: 10:00am PT | 1:00pm ET



Kafka, Streams, Data


Cloudera, Apache