Datavault Builder Version 6: Official Release Webinar

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We proudly announce the general availability of Datavault Builder Version 6 as of the 15th of September. As part of our promise, Version 6 will be available for our entire client base at zero additionalcost. That is how we protect the investment of our clients.

With Version 6, we have these exciting features ready for you – don’t forget to register for the official release webinar where we introduce the new features and functionalities.

Highlights of Datavault Builder Version 6:

  • Get ready for fast DataOps with CI/CD!
    Datavault Builder already supports a standardized deployment process to manage changes and bring them into production. This process can now be fully automated to align your team’s workflow & further speed up development!
  • Make history alive with SCD Typ 2 capabilities!
  • Get connected with our new GRPC connector!

Besides that:
- we have improved refactoring possibilities for dimensional models
- improved filtering options for jobs
- added option to output individual business ruleset with a custom name
- made model improvements on MS SQL version
- numerous improvements and optimizations (logging, user roles)