Bob van Luijt (Weaviate) about Vector Databases

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On September 12th en 13th the Big Data Expo took place in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands. BI-Platform made a series of interviews at the Expo with various Data Professionals. In this interview the Dutch Bob van Luijt, co-founder and CEO of Weaviate, that develops an open source vector database with the same name, describes the Weaviate product and the specifics of a vector database.
An insight into the developing world of Generative AI, where you can have a dialog with your data. Bob's advice: Tap into the excitement and start building!

0.00 Introduction
0.18 What is the Weaviate product line?
0.57 What is a vector database?
2.21 What are the consequences of the rise of Gen AI?
4.22 Comparing US and Europe: what is the state of development in AI?
6.08 What should Europe do to catch up?
7.04 How will AI deployment develop in the data field?

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