Evolving Your Data Architecture for Trustworthy Generative AI

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LLMs empower non-tech users to query data naturally. I. Chaudhri & B. George discuss leveraging a data hub for generative AI, with a demo on AI-driven personalized diabetes care. Register for insights. Recording available if you miss it.

A growing use case of LLMs is enabling non-technical end-users and SMEs to query data with natural language to solve complex decisions.

Join Imran Chaudhri, Chief Architect of AI, HC & LS, Progress and Biju George, Principal Sales Engineer, Progress as they explore how a data hub architecture can lay the necessary foundation for harnessing generative AI by:

  • Integrating siloed data for accurate input in generative AI-driven solutions
  • Building scalable data flows and querying multi-model data as a single whole
  • Enabling trustworthy LLMs with semantic search for an AI-ready data architecture

The team will also provide a demo of AI-powered decision support for delivering personalized care to diabetes patients.

Don’t miss your chance to learn how a data hub can help you get started with your AI journey today.

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