The Internet of People Event

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The Internet of People Event will take place on December 15, 2016, at Designhuis in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

International speakers from Philips Lighting, Eindhoven University of Technology, SIDN Fund,, Qiy Foundation, Illuminoo, The Solly System, Totem Open Health, Dowse / Internet of Things Council,, Just Things Foundation will be there to present.

The titles of the presentations include: An internet of people is more than an internet of living things | The Internet of Me: Solving today’s personal data issues | Making kinder, happier Machine Intelligence | Imagine we would design the Internet today | Hue – the light in a dark connected future | Connected learning about sustainability with Solly, the sun-eating robot | Changing healthcare with open source wearables | IoT Design Manifesto and many more.
The program will also include an interesting session powered by SIDN Fund - Taking internet projects and ideas to the next level.

Key reasons to attend
- Get up-to-date on the latest industry developments and innovations
- Enhance your market intelligence by getting new insights
- Develop your technical knowledge
- Expand your network. Talk to future new clients, and start new partnerships with other professionals or innovative startups
- Learn how other professionals create new solutions, ideas and creative ways to support their business model
- Exposure. Spread information about your business, while sharing knowledge
- Find out what your competitors are up to and learn ways to better support your own business
- New clients. Find companies that need your company’s products and services

15 dec. 2016

Programme & Registration