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You will get the chance to work with unique HEINEKEN datasets, join forces with other (data) professionals, and will be challenged to innovate and think out of the box. Next to all of that, there are nice prices to win! The cloud computing services of Amazon Web Services (AWS) are provided to you and mentors will stand by your side to answer all your questions concerning the data, services, and HEINEKEN. So that you can focus on the development of your project. Furthermore, inspirational talks and practical information about Hack a Beer will be shared during the Meetup on the 16th of March.

Do you know how to predict, analyse, diagnose or optimise the future of your next beer? And are you curious what you can do for your future beer? Join us at HEINEKEN Hack a Beer hackathon on March 17 to hack the future’s perfect beer.

March 16 and 17

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