NativeScript Developer Day EU

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NativeScript Developer Day is a two-day event focused on the latest and greatest in NativeScript. With one day of workshops and one day of sessions, we’ll be covering topics such as NativeScript-Vue, app security, Angular, V8, backends from Firebase to Kinvey, and more.

Check out our updated speaker list and join us on April 11-12 in Amsterdam!
As a mobile developer, you may find the following sessions interesting:
Raymond Camden - From Vue to NativeScript-Vue
Eddy Verbruggen - NativeScript on Fire(base)
Stanimira Vlaeva - Embedding V8 in the real world
Alex Ziskind - Securing NativeScript Apps
Tiago Reis Alves - KiwiIRC mobile app. A lov(u)e story

April 11-12
08.30 - 17.30

Nationale Nederlanden
Spaklerweg 4
1096 BA Amsterdam

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