Thriving in a Post-App World with Microapps

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Modern businesses often deploy countless apps, ranging from 20-year-old web apps to cutting-edge native mobile apps. However, between increased demand for new apps and rising user expectations, managing these apps has become a significant challenge for IT.

Microapps are one potential solution, enabling IT to breakdown complicated systems into easier-to-manage workflows that are available on any device a user may want. The Kinvey Microapps platform (powered by NativeScript) provides enterprises the ability to quickly develop and deploy microapps.

For more information, join us at our upcoming webinar, where we dive into:
What exactly a microapp is
How microapps can use NativeScript to create engaging native app experiences
How to connect a microapp to an existing legacy system
How to easily deploy and provision a microapp

June 4, 2019
10:00 AM ET