Defining the Next Chapter in JavaScript-Native Development

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For years we’ve seen how web developers can become native mobile app developers overnight, using skills honed over the years to create increasingly more engaging mobile experiences for iOS and Android.

But “mobility” as we once knew it is evolving. Today we’re adding new mobile experiences like chatbots and augmented reality, and new platforms like Apple Watch and Android Wear using your framework of choice—Angular, Vue.js, React, or Svelte. NativeScript 6.0 represents a quantum leap for JavaScript-native app development.

Join us Tuesday, July 18 at 11:00 am ET for a webinar where we’ll dive into what’s coming in NativeScript 6.0, including:
- NativeScript AppSync
- Material Design support
- Improved developer experience with Webpack and HMR, plus improved debugging
- The latest from Angular and Vue.js
- Support for wearables and much more

July 18
11:00 AM ET