Integrate REST API Data into Your Business Rules with Corticon 6

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With many companies moving to distributed architectures connected by REST APIs, decision services increasingly need to be able to call REST services in addition to directly accessing databases. With the inclusion of DataDirect Autonomous REST Connector, Corticon 6 provides the ability to access both REST API and SQL-based data from your rules.

The new REST API data source complements the existing Enterprise Data Connector (EDC) and Advanced Data Connector (ADC) features, offering an enhanced set of input retrieval options that cuts integration time and simplifies maintenance. To learn more about this powerful combination of data integration capabilities, join us at our upcoming webinar as we discuss:
How business rules affect a business's bottom-line
How Corticon automates business rules
What new features Corticon 6 brings to the market
How Corticon 6 + REST data can enrich the business rules process

Thursday September 12
11:00 am ET