See What's New in Corticon 6

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Make the most of your business rules with greater data access capabilities via seamless connectivity to REST API services and a simpler, faster .NET server architecture for faster throughput.

Today’s enterprises are driving harder than ever to increase the effectiveness and agility of their business operations. Business rules management systems play a vital role in this effort, enabling companies to quickly translate policies into conditions and actions that enforce these policies. This means choosing the right BRMS can greatly impact the consistency, quality and speed of your decisions—which goes straight to your bottom line.

Progress Corticon 6, the latest release of our business rules engine solution, revolves around this concept, further enhancing your ability to make the most out of your rules automation process. Corticon 6 does this even more effectively with the addition of two key features in the new release:
• The inclusion of Progress DataDirect Autonomous REST Connector, which expands data integration capabilities by enabling you to retrieve data from REST services
• The implementation of a new architecture for Corticon .NET, which provides a much simpler and faster architecture that improves .NET performance by as much as 3x

REST API Data Access
Corticon 6 expands the data integration capabilities with the inclusion of Progress DataDirect Autonomous REST Connector. You can now retrieve data from REST API services to enrich the payloads being processed by your rules.

The new REST API data source complements the existing Enterprise Data Connector (EDC) and Advanced Data Connector (ADC) features, providing the ability to access both REST API and SQL-based data directly from Corticon. Potential use cases include accessing an external credit bureau's REST service to retrieve a credit rating for a loan applicant or using an internal REST service to retrieve supporting information for a healthcare claim.

Enhanced .NET Support
Corticon 6 also introduces a new architecture for .NET. The previous cross-compiling architecture has been replaced with a much simpler and faster architecture for bridging between .NET and Java, which translates into 3x faster .NET performance compared to previous versions.

Corticon 6 .NET supports both in-process and IIS deployment. In addition, samples and supporting utilities have all been completely revised so that they are easier to use and easier to contrast to the Java implementation.

Play by Your Own Rules with Corticon 6
Of course, while these two changes are the cornerstone features of the Corticon 6 release, that’s not all there is either! From improvements in the Corticon documentation to added support for Eclipse 4.9, there’s a lot to help make the most of your business rules.

Whether you’re processing claims, determining product configurations or assessing program eligibility, Corticon 6 enables you to better manage the business decisions that are critical to achieving your goals. If you’re a current Corticon user, upgrade to 6 today. If you’re looking into Corticon for the first time, you can start your free 30-day trial at any time.

James Goodfellow is Senior Product Marketing Manager at Progress.