Diamanti Spektra Makes Hybrid Cloud a Reality

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Kubernetes has become the de facto Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) layer for deploying cloud native applications. Regardless of where the physical infrastructure is located or who provides it, applications are adopting cloud native principles and are deployed using Kubernetes as the common layer of abstraction.

Customers looking to deploy cloud native applications realize very quickly that they either have to juggle with a collection of point solutions to manage their application data or they have to deal with a control plane based solution lacking visibility into and control over their application data. Legacy solutions in the market that span control and data planes suffer greatly from virtualization overhead. While customers enjoy the plethora of features offered by public and private clouds, they are also left with a complex problem of dealing with inconsistencies.

Diamanti Spektra is a holistic platform that unifies control and data planes behind a single pane of glass. Diamanti Spektra’s control plane extends from the I/O of a single container (blocks and packets) up to multiple clusters in hybrid cloud environments. This enables seamless mobility of applications and data as required at any time between any cloud providers with minimal impact. It comes with batteries included – a turnkey hybrid cloud solution that customers trust to deploy instantly at scale.

Diamanti Spektra builds on bare-metal container technology to optimize performance and efficiency. It drives consistency across Kubernetes clusters on different infrastructures between public and private clouds. Diamanti Spektra manages the full lifecycle of containerized workloads across on-premises and public clouds, shifting applications and data between Kubernetes clusters as necessary. This allows enterprise customers to deploy to the most appropriate infrastructure driven by multiple factors such as cost control, data governance, access to specific features, high availability and disaster recovery.
Diamanti Spektra is in tech preview. Register here to get a sneak peek.

Brian Waldon is VP of Product at Diamanti.