Diamanti Spektra 2.4: Accelerating Kubernetes Adoption

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Join us live as we unveil the latest updates to the Diamanti Spektra platform

Enterprises are quickly realizing the importance of application modernization as a way to scale and distribute content globally across private and public clouds. Kubernetes has emerged as the primary platform for these modern, containerized applications, yet many enterprises are struggling to make the transition.

Join Diamanti’s executive team and our special guests on this live event as we highlight the industry-leading Diamanti Spektra platform and how it has taken a unique approach to solving the challenges of running mission-critical applications on Kubernetes.

In this live event, you’ll be able to:
• Learn about the major trends in the market that are increasing the urgency around microservices and containerized applications
• Hear how enterprises in highly regulated industries are accelerating their Kubernetes adoption with Diamanti
• See a demo of Diamanti Spektra 2.4 and how it delivers greater security and availability to Kubernetes applications

Wednesday, April 15
1:00 PM ET
10:00 AM PT