Introducing the Economics of AI

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Benefits cases for AI capabilities are stuck in the dark ages: delivering projects that convinced your stakeholders to invest in the first place are not sufficient to ensure long-term success. This creates risk that, just as you are getting up to speed, the rules change and the value you already delivered moves on to someone else’s balance sheet, leaving you with a dilemma. Having already harvested the low-hanging fruit, do you ask for more investment with less certainty on ROI, or try to do more with less?

In this talk led by Shaun McGirr, AI evangelist at Dataiku, we offer Dataiku’s framework for identifying and avoiding this trap. We recast what can look like complicated technical concerns into broader language that will resonate with any business stakeholder who understands profit and loss, capital and debt.

Our vision is for AI to transcend its current status as a “special capability” and become a ubiquitous tool accessible to all. And the sooner we translate this potential value into terms that drive investment beyond short-term IT procurement horizons, the better.

Jul 21
5:00 pm