MarkLogic Community Event November Edition

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Join us for the November edition of our Community Program on Thursday, November 30th at 10am ET. For this month, we will be discussing all things GEOSPATIAL. Joining us for this event:
Sensing Clues, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of nature and wildlife using advanced technologies, will discuss their multi-model approach to data, how this impacts their Focus application, and the real-world value geospatial data provides to their users.

Clever Llamas will walk us through the geospatial features in MarkLogic, explaining various indexes, tools, APIs and data formats available, along with taking us through some inspirational use-cases and examples to show you how you can get more value out of your data.

Get a preview of the upcoming addition to our developer tools - MarkLogic FastTrack - a React-native UI toolkit for building data-driven, search-based applications to visually explore complex connected data in MarkLogic Server. We'll talk about how FastTrack enables development teams to quickly assemble different visualization techniques into an interactive and user-friendly UI. See what you can build as we showcase a hard-to-crack use case with a live demo.
November 30
4:00 PM Ms