Data Hub Strategy for Effective AI and Analytics Governance

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Data governance has been around for over a decade, but nothing has underscored the need for clear and effective data governance for business data readiness more deeply than generative AI. While 2023 was the year of the AI rush, in 2024, we will experience a renewed focus on the ethics of data collection and use and strategies for reducing the security risks associated with it.   

Information security, data quality and data richness are becoming prerequisites for companies looking to leverage generative AI. But generative AI hinges primarily on unstructured data, which requires a robust data management foundation to leverage its value. This highlights the need for new data integration and data architecture requirements. Enter data hubs. These systems offer a proven data architecture for greater governance of large and complex data.

Join David Kaaret, Progress MarkLogic's Principal Sales Engineer, to learn how building a data hub can support effective data and AI governance.

February 22
05:00 PM Ms