Why you need a data-centric architecture in 2024

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Datum: 21-03-2024 t/m 21-03-2024
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Organisator: Progress Marklogic
E-mail: mbruins@progress.com
Website: https://www.progress.com/resources/webinars/why-you-need-a-data-centric-architecture-in-2024
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Join Daniel Roberts from Progress to explore the shift from app-centric to data-centric architectures. Learn the benefits, tech requirements, and use cases for adapting your data strategy. Register for free!

Discover the Future of Data Architecture: From App-Centric to Data-Centric

In today's data-driven world, the synergy between AI capabilities and the need for rich contextual insights has underscored the importance of qualitative and unstructured data. However, many organizations are grappling with data fragmentation and suboptimal insights due to traditional, application-centric architectures.

Join us as Daniel Roberts, Senior Manager of Sales Engineering at Progress, delves into:

  • Contrasting app-centric and data-centric architectures
  • Unveiling the advantages of data centricity for intricate data management
  • Embracing the shift towards knowledge graphs and the essential supporting technologies
  • Real-world scenarios poised to benefit from transitioning to a data-centric approach
  • Crafting robust data hubs, data fabric, and knowledge graphs using Progress MarkLogic

Register now to gain insights into adapting and future-proofing your data architecture, ensuring sustained growth and resilience to emerging market dynamics over the next five years and beyond.

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