SAS Viya Workbench – Available on AWS Marketplace

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Meet SAS Viya Workbench – now available on AWS Marketplace.
This developer canvas for building AI models in a cloud-native, scalable environment enables data scientists to rapidly build high-performance models in SAS and Python.

Join this webinar to see how Workbench provides users the flexibility to build from scratch or streamline work by pulling in existing Python or SAS projects – with minimal to no code modification needed.

You will:
See a demo of Workbench in action on business use cases and hear how Workbench answers many data science challenges.
Learn about the on-demand compute flexibility, power and speed.
Learn about the included SAS analytics procedures and the newest Python API for SAS analytics, inspired by scikit-learn.
Get technical information and ask questions of our SAS and AWS experts.

June 25
11 a.m. ET