GitHub Satellite

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Introducing GitHub Satellite – the first ever European conference in the GitHub Universe event series.


The first ever European conference in the GitHub Universe event series, GitHub Satellite is a celebration of the latest and greatest in software. Attendees will learn how developers, founders, and activists work to create impactful technologies in Europe and beyond. Great software is about more than code; at Satellite, we’ll showcase how the community is tackling the newest and most difficult challenges posed by the modern development workflow. Satellite will focus on three themes:
CODE. Sessions on product management, user research, interface design, and project planning; hear from experts on everything that comes before you start to write code.
COLLABORATE. Building software goes beyond the code in your text-editor. Learn how engineering teams work together to overcome difficult technical challenges and efficiently build software.
SHIP. Software isn’t finished once it’s in production. It’s just getting started. We'll talk about the best ways to maintain quality, availability, and feedback— and make sure people are happy with your software.