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Looking to network with fellow developers whilst exploring something new and exciting? Look no further, as the SAP CodeJam presents the latest in SAP HANA XS Advanced (Application Services). On Friday the 13th of May we will explore the new SAP HANA XSA and SAP WebIDE capabilities. We will be joined by SAP Technology Evangelist, Craig Cmehil, who will provide his extensive knowledge on the topic.

Wondering what all the fuzz about the SAP HANA Cloud Platform is all about? Do you want to know all about the new features of SAP HANA XS? Register here or read more.

Programme (subject to change)
1.00 PM  Introduction about SAP HANA XSA and SAP HANA SPS11 architecture and capabilities
2.00 PM  Hands-on build your (first) SAP HANA XS Advanced application "Hello World"
4.00 PM  Continue with hands-on exercises of choice
5.30 PM  Dinner provided by our sponsor
7.00 PM  Closing

Date: Friday 13th of May 2016
Time: from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM (CEST)
Location: Design Thinking Center: Willem Fenengastraat 4c, 1096 BN Amsterdam
Price: Free