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Nerderlands unites Amsterdam’s finest tech communities. Nerderlands is a new festival for the international tech scene. From 15-21 August in Amsterdam the event will connect creative minds with an interest in technology, innovation, and general nerdy fun stuff. This first edition includes over 20 meetups, workshops, and masterclasses organised by Amsterdam-based tech communities.

What communities will be part of the fun?
Amsterdam’s finest tech communities have committed to organising meetups, workshops, and masterclasses at various venues throughout the city. Just check the schedule, take your pick, and get a ticket when needed through the ticket link in the schedule. Some events will be free, others will charge a (small) fee. To keep things simple, there are no expensive all-access tickets.
Partners of Nerderlands are:
· Amsterdam Maker Festival
· Ams x Tech
· Big Android BBQ
· CocoaHeadsNL
· Code to Change
· Glimworm
· Lava Lab
· Legal Hackers Amsterdam
· Sensemakers
· Women in Technology
· Q42
· Makerversity

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