Daniel Luz

Daniel Luz is Lead Software Engineer at OutSystems. With a passion for C and C++ coding, Daniel has been involved in many projects ranging from call centers to high-end console gaming. He's a coder, architect, API builder, and pixel pusher, as well as an avid gamer and ex-musician. Since joining the OutSystems world, he is also a business thinker and value provider.

As a software developer, you’re probably the kind of person that loves a mental challenge. You live for the feeling of coming up with that elegant algorithm, describing it to someone, and then smiling as they go silent for a while and then say admiringly “wow yeah, that can work.” You probably also enjoy that exhilarating feeling you get after a painstaking two-hour debug session, where you patiently gathered piece after piece of obscure information, looking for patterns, and finally everything clicks. Or even better, the feeling of power you get when you fix the issue with one line of code – the right line of code. It’s awesome!