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  • Mike Ferguson on Data Observability

  • Mike Ferguson on building an Enterprise Data Marketplace

  • Nigel Turner on Data Mesh and Data Fabric

  • Rick van der Lans over de data lakehouse architectuur

  • Alec Sharp on The Human Side of Data Modelling

  • Marc Salomon (UvA) over AI regulering, data science en onder

  • Egge van der Poel (TIAS) over data in de zorg

  • Donald Farmer on data ownership and compliance

  • Lawrence Corr on Remote Data Modelstorming

  • Marc Salomon over implicaties van de Europese AI Verordening

  • Alec Sharp on Concept Modelling

  • Keith McCormick about ML use cases and Deep Learning

  • Data Mesh and Data Fabric cut to measure by Barry Devlin

  • Rick van der Lans over Data Mesh en nieuwe data architecture

  • Mike Ferguson about migrating a data warehouse to the cloud

  • Barry Devlin about adopting AI capabilities on top of BI-sys

  • Peter Boncz over cloudgebaseerde databases

  • Peter Hinssen: nog nooit zo spannend geweest in de wereld va

  • Prof. Tijs van der Storm - Splash Conference & Domain Specif

  • Benjamin Pierce on the DeepSpecification Project

  • Andy Ko - User experience in programming languages

  • Prof. Martin Odersky on Scala and programming languages

  • Interview with David Chappell about Microsoft Cloud offering